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The Papeleta on your Mobile is the third stage of a project in development that has a website. It contains the Cuban cultural programming of the different artistic manifestations for the entire country. Both the application and its update are free and accessible, online, through any point of connectivity in the country. Its fundamental objective is the promotion of Cuban culture.








La Jiribilla, Cuban digital magazine of debate and thought in the field of culture, arrives this 2016 to its 15th anniversary. Throughout these three decades, almost 800 thematic dossiers have been published on its site that have addressed dissimilar themes of art, intellectuality, politics and traditions, of the memory and current affairs of the Cuban people.

likecuba minLikeCuba is an application developed by the Cuban Ministry of Culture, which provides information on the main cultural events that take place annually. Synthetically it offers a brief overview of each of these events, it also contains useful information such as contacts with the organizing committee, web pages or emails where you can find more information, and the name of the tour operator that can organize interested parties. travel and stay details. Likewise, it presents a dynamic gallery of images that express, better than any text, the quality and unmatched appeal of these encounters with art and culture.

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