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Cultural communication programs

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-Consolidate the agency's work system, with emphasis on promoting priorities, hierarchies and their relationship to programming. To strengthen the links with the different media. To provide the Ministry of Culture with its own device for audiovisual production that allows the generation and socialization of contents in accordance with the values we defend. To strengthen the functioning of the ICRT MINCULT Commission.

-We are in a higher work phase in Institutional Communication; still below the potential of our Ministry to be one of the main content providers of Red Cuba.

-Every Saturday, the leaders of the first level of management analyze the monitoring of cultural issues in the press, TV and social networks, and agreements are taken from these analyses to improve the communicational work.

-The increase in promotion is verified, since January to April , it generates a greater quantity of contents and communicational products that exceed 50 newspapers, as well as between fifteen and twenty audiovisual capsules per week, which is not shared enough by the institutional system, nor in the different platforms.

-It is necessary to advance in the precise definition of the promotional hierarchies, and of the informative priorities by the centers, institutes and councils. The Centre for Cultural Development and Communication (CREART) has yet to consolidate the role of coordinating the promotion function of the hierarchies, and the enhancement of cultural programming at national level.

-The increase in visits and visitors to the MINCULT website is noted. It is already ranked 35th among the sites in the country and, according to the UCI monitor, is among the 15 sites of the OACE that best load and meet the established parameters. It has achieved a daily average of some 2,000 visits and 500 visitors, a monthly average since January of around 10,000 visits and 2,000 visitors, an indicator that has remained stable since the previous year.

-A System of its own media is being consolidated and developed, with the Cubarte newspaper as the main space; the Noticiero Cultural on Cuban TV, as a production of MINCULT and the ICRT; the digital magazine La Jiribilla; the digital site CubaNow; among others.

–The number of visits to the Cubarte newspaper has increased compared to the same period last year, and more than 700 art and literature critics have been published since it was transferred to CREART, in addition to the progressive recovery of important artistic firms among its collaborators.

-The recovery of the CubaNow digital site, as a press medium for the audiovisual universe, radio and television, and its putting on line for the last ten months. CubaNow would now celebrate 15 years of existence previously at ICAIC, now transferred to CREART.

-There is a higher quality in the design and execution of successful promotional campaigns such as #SameStar, and #CultureInGoodHands. Media coverage of the activities in honor of the Triumph of the Revolution, Jazz Plaza International Festival, campaign for the 349th, International Book Fair, Yes for Cuba, Havana Biennial, and AHS and UNEAC congresses has improved. ICAIC campaign for the 60th anniversary of Cuban Cinema, 60th anniversary of Casa de las Americas, among others, deserve a special mention.

-All leaders of the first level of direction already have a Twitter account. The minister and his vice-ministers already have thousands of followers, among the most outstanding are Alpidio Alonso G, Abel Prieto, and Fernando Rojas. The increase in the profiles of the second level of management can be seen-
-The increase in the use of social networks for cultural promotion and the ideological battle is beginning to be recognized: more than 20 organization's Facebook pages have between five and ten thousand followers; while the Ministry's Facebook page is the third among the ACOs with more than eleven thousand 200 followers, almost double the number in January 2017.

- La Jiribilla account is the largest on Twitter with more than fifteen thousand 200 followers, and the most important in the organization, for its symbolic capital of more than fifteen years of existence, and followed by Cubarte en Español with more than ten thousand. Another 27 accounts already have more than a thousand followers.

-The @CubaCultura account already reaches more than seven thousand tweets, and more than four thousand followers. It has summoned two tweets for October 20th in the last two years, together with La Jiribilla account, Cubarte newspaper and Noticiero Cultural. It is worth mentioning that in the last tweet of October 20th, supported by Red CUBA, between 19,200 and 20,200 twitts were posted with the label #CubaEsCultura. This caused the label to reach 31st place in positioning trends and @CubaCultura account to record 2,098 retwitts in one hour. From more than two hundred places in the world, @CubaCultura account was interacted with, reaching more than 10 million internet users.

-The following networks stand out: La Jiribilla, La Red En Defensa de la Humanidad, Cubarte en Español Portal, ISA, Casa de las Américas, Ministry of Culture, Noticiero Cultural and Cubarte newspaper.

- EDH Network has demonstrated high results with minimal functional equipment. Its six Twitter accounts each have over 5,000 followers. There is an urgent need for a greater perception of the importance of the RED's communication work and the need to support this work, since it is an indissoluble part of the tasks for the defense in MINCULT.

-As a result of a work system that includes analysis every Saturday with the leaders of the first level of management, progress is being made by cultural institutions in the use of social networks, such as Institute Superior of Art, CNEART, José Martí National Library, Fund for Cultural Assets and EGREM, among others, shows that it is possible to aspire to become one of the largest providers of information content for Red Cuba.

-The monitoring of the news of informative system of Cuban TV already fulfills two years and a half from CREART. An increase of the cultural information in the SITVC is registered; they add more than 600 information of January to April, number superior to the same stage of the previous year. The most popular events and institutions are Music, Plastic Arts, Books and Literature, Performing Arts and Cinema. There is a greater presence of informative works on the work of Community Culture and Heritage. The work less addressed was related to Libraries. Meanwhile, from Pinar del Rio, Isla de la Juventud, Artemisa and Mayabeque, hardly any cultural information is reported.

-There is a greater use of visual identity organization and more than 70 audiovisual capsules were placed on the small screen television.

-The working agreement reached with the national management of Cuban Radio made it possible for the song La Bayamesa, sung by Eduardo Sosa, Annie Garcés and Luis Franco, to be broadcast for the first time on Radio Rebelde's program Así, on more than 90 national stations, and for the song Inocencia, by the singer Nelson Valdés, to be performed as a duet with Israel Rojas, to be broadcast for the first time on three national radio stations.

The revitalization of the "José Antonio Fernández de Castro" Cultural Journalism Award has been evidenced by the restoration of its annual periodicity and the re-launching of its call, with the sector requirement that the winner must articulate his life's work with his active work and linked to the issues of the press.

- ICRT-MINCULT Commission met again last month, and made agreements to resume the monthly systematic nature of these checks. Thanks to the working relationship established in the same, priority has been given to the campaigns already mentioned, the rectification of the original idea La Banda Gigante, its release on the air and the establishment of the orchestra born from the program.

-The use of television spaces to promote cultural programming has increased, such as Mediodía en TV, De Tarde en Casa, 23 y M, Sitio del Arte, Vitrales, Signos, Diálogo Abierto, Tengo Algo que Decirte, and Papel en Blanco. On the contrary, the spaces available in Buenos Días magazine have been reduced, and the working relationship that existed in the past with the Sunday News has been weakened.

-Although there is still dissatisfaction within the institutions with the links with Havana Channel, Noticiero Bienal En Construcción was broadcast daily and it is recognized that there is a presence in spaces such as Hola Habana Magazine and Donde Va La Habana.

-A good example of joint work is also the program Suena EGREM, which is transmitted by the Educational Channel 2; and the fixed 16-minute space dedicated by the Caribbean Channel to Art Education every Friday.

-The project of a multimedia studio with fiber optics opens new perspectives to the work of communication. The Chapel has been an immediate solution for the 13th Biennial, and facilitated the growth of followers of the Cubarte Newspaper and CubaNow. Its next link with the FAMCA and with the UH School of Communication will demonstrate its possibilities of development in internal and external communication.

-We propose to discuss the model of a Cultural Billboard, with a weekly frequency, and that it goes out on Saturdays to guide the citizens of the main cultural offers. As well as developing through the Internet from the Cubarte Portal the possibility of a radio channel and a TV channel, for the multiple audiovisual products.

-The completion of the Cuban Music Radio Station project should be encouraged.

-In the press in general, and in the digital media in particular, the presence of effective cultural criticism that allows the establishment of true hierarchies and decolonizing cultural models continues to be insufficient.

- Continue to strengthen the work of the Noticiero Cultural, increasing its influence in society and consolidating and extending the services of La Papeleta cultural programme to the audiovisual media.

- Noticiero Cultural on its fifth birthday with 1,180 broadcasts from Monday to Friday on the television schedule. It continues to diversify its news agenda, offering extensive coverage to personalities, plays and events from all over the country and submitting sensitive issues of Cuban cultural life to public discussion, in the Counterpoint Section, all of which has contributed to increasing its audience levels. Counterpoint issues have become a true accountability to our citizens of the exercise of cultural policy.

-There is a working system in MINCULT; every last Friday of the month there is a meeting for next month's Priorities with the NC, which chairs the first WV. There, the topics of Counterpoint and critical comments are presented, and every Monday, first thing in the morning, CREART specifies the work for the priorities of the week, in terms of camera, cameraman and transport assurances for the NC. Four staff positions have been assigned to your filmmaking team.

-La Papeleta has more than 19 thousand visitors in the first quarter. Today they are working on the new version of their APP for mobiles, aimed at promoting cultural programming: And their practice since 2013 shows that with small teams high results and good positioning can be achieved. In social networks, La Papeleta has more than 4,400 followers in Fb, and in Twitter más de mil.

-The cultural magazine La Jiribilla in its 18th anniversary, is consolidated as the best positioned platform of Cuban culture, with similar expression in the social networks Facebook and Twitter. It also leads the debate on cultural issues on the net and reinforces the coherence of our cultural policy. The main dossiers of the stage have been dedicated to topics such as clarifying the scope of the Decree 349, the confrontation with the so-called Biennial , International Festival Jazz Plaza, ICAIC Youth Exhibition, 60th of Casa, 13th Havana Biennial, among others.

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