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Historical Memory Program

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Impacts of the Historical Memory Program.

We participated in the elaboration of the Policy for the improvement and modernization of the National System of Documentary Management and Archives; as well as in the meetings with MINDUS companies and the evaluation of the suitability of the equipment, inputs, furniture and materials necessary for the conservation of the documentary heritage, which impacts on the substitution of imports.

The period is characterized by the consolidation of the Program's sub-commission in our organization, with monthly meetings. The following are part of it: Cuban Institute of Art and Film Industry (ICAIC), National Council of Cultural Heritage (CNPC), National Music Museum (MNM), National Library of Cuba "José Martí" (BNCJM), Central Archive, ABDALA S.A. Productions and "Che Guevara" Study Center.

The National Cuban Library ¨José Martí" participates in the work meeting directed by the Ministry of Communications where the progress of the Program for Historical Archives and Libraries is evaluated, developing the following actions:

It has continued to work on the Project for the Development of Technological Infrastructure at its headquarters and in the Provincial Libraries with a view to the initiative to create the Cuban National Digital Library (BNDC).

The data transmission contract between the National Library and ETECSA has been signed.

Work is underway on a new institutional portal that should be ready at the beginning of July with options for online catalogues and references by email and interaction with the Provincial Libraries.

Work is being done on the creation of a website for children and adolescents, which should be ready by the end of the year.

Compliance with the digitalization plan.

Cuban Institute of Art and Film Industry (ICAIC).

Reception and revision of the last batch of 423 editions of the "Noticiero ICAIC Latinoamericano" digitized in 2K Film Image Files (2048 x 1556) and Sound Files in linear WAV PCM (a collaboration project with the French National Audiovisual Institute/ICAIC), to complete 1355.

During this semester, three Cuban titles were digitized and selected as Audiovisual Heritage for a total of 87 of the 144 titles. Another 6 titles are in the process of being digitized.

National Council of Cultural Heritage.

The Ernest Hemingway Museum has digitized a total of 154 files belonging to the Nobel Prize album and the documents of the writer's wife.

Dance Museum has digitized a total of 40 pieces, belonging to the photographic archive and the costumes.

National Museum of Music.

29 digitized works of which 3 have been revised. (It is important to note that the number of digitized works is reduced due to the complexity, extension and instrumental parts that each one contains). The digitization of José Ardévol's works began with an emphasis on the symphonic and chamber orchestra formats; at the request of the National Center of Concert Music, as part of the repertoire to be performed by the artistic units of its catalogue. Digital processing of documents in Data Base; 1419 records. 11 books, 80 reference works, 578 hand programs, 28 records through an analysis of 3266 documents from personal collections. Database processing of 158 photos, 437 78-rpm records, 127 cds with 1244 works and 51 copies. Digitalization of supports for its conservation of 446 documents with 487 folios, 182 photos, 9 folios with 37 folios, 9 scores with 53 folios, 246 hand programs with 397 folios. 18 scores with 1093 pages are digitalized and arranged in Photoshop. o 18 scores with 1093 pages are digitalized with a camera, arranged and identified from José Ardévol's personal collection. o 140 records are digitalized, 50 of 33 rpm and 90 cassettes.

National Cuban Library “José Martí”.

Digitization of Cuban serial publications: Granma Newspaper: 832 images, 2145 images were arranged and taken to PDF 104; El Crisol Newspaper (International Collaboration Project with Gainesville University, Florida): Scanning of 12205 images, 5765 images were arranged and taken to PDF 29; Carteles Magazine: Scanning: 21839 images, 3778 images were arranged and taken to PDF 54. Photo Collections Scanning: 5626 images and digital arrangement of1852 images, as well as 604 images of various documents; Funcasta Photo Collection Scanning: 215 images Scanning of 205 images from the Memoirs of the Real Sociedad Económica Amigos del País.

27,086 images of archive documents and serial publications from the library, 20 books on Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, with 1,573 scanned images and 3097 processed and converted to PDF, 106 issues of Tiempo en Cuba magazine with 3,270 scanned images and 6,446 processed images were scanned. There were 2106 photographs of the acetate disks before and after the cleaning process and 2508 photographs of services to users and activities of the institute.

Central Archive.

Images were captured from 120 documentary units of the FONDO: Dirección de Cultura (1935-1948), from a plan of 200, for 60% compliance.

The lack of technical equipment (scanner and PC) in the System's Archive sections does not make it possible to envisage a larger plan.

Abdala Productions S.A.

A total of 500 tapes, cassettes and vinyl records were digitized from: the José Martí National Library of Cuba, Ojalá Studios, Radio Habana Cuba and the Ché Guevara Study Center. For 255% of the planned Plan.

“Che Guevara” Study Center.

The 95% of the documentary fonds and collections held by the entity have been digitalized.

Digitized Summary.

Type Quantity
Audiovisual heritage (Noticieros ICAIC Latinoamericanos, Cuban film titles) 426
Sound heritage ( music papers, 78 rpm records, CDs, cassettes of: Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra, National Center for Concert Music, Ojalá studios, among others) 1 120
Brochures 37
Records 1479
Books 31
Institutional and personal fund documents 5 264
Photographs 8 752
Serial publications (number of images) 39 719
Microfiches 27 086
Total number of documents scanned on all types of media 83 914


Compliance with the restoration planThe following companies stand out in the digitalization work: ICAIC; MNM; BNCJM and Producciones Abdala S.A.

Cuban Institute of Art and Film Industry (ICAIC).

Revision, treatment and restoration of 127 Cuban film titles, (internal planning, all time available).

Revision, preparation and technical opinion to 16 titles (requests by institutional projects).

National Council of Cultural Heritage

Due to the inauguration of the Hemingway Museum Restoration Workshop at the end of March, no restoration work was carried out during the first half of the year, as the work was mainly oriented towards moving the pieces.

For its part, the Museum of Dance has not begun the restoration of pieces, as it is immersed in preparations for the transfer of the institution to the new headquarters.

National Museum of Music.

The restoration plan for documentary assets for the first half of 2019 was completed in full: 243 documents with 616 pages.

In terms of movable property, 18 heritage items were restored and 54 received in-depth conservation. For a total of 72 intervened pieces. This figure represents a cost of $ 21, 800.00 cuc

National Cuban Library “José Martí”

Dulce María Loynaz Collection was preventively preserved and some of its documents were restored.

Preventive Conservation

Technical cleaning of 1,368 documents, 157 protectors were replaced and 725 were produced. 157 publications diagnosed as being in poor condition were hollowed out.


Documents from the Dulce María Loynaz Collection, the La República Cubana newspaper, as well as from the art collection and the Sala Cubana, were restored for a total of

Documents restored 30
Washed leaves 658
Restored sheets 986
Bound documents 25
Actions were also taken to mitigate biodeterioration, namely

Diagnosis and treatment of art documents and bibliographic collections.
Pest control and monitoring and management for specialized fumigation.

A diagnosis has been made of the funds and collections in the Central Archives, in the Collection "Life and Works of the Ché" and in the Archives sections of three Provincial Directorates of Culture.

Preventive conservation actions (dry cleaning, removal of attachments and stitching) were applied to 1336 documentary units: 828 files, 79 photographs, 2 catalogues, 396 theatre programmes, 15 magazines, 5 leaflets and 5 scores, mostly corresponding to the National Council of Culture Fund (1966-1977).

The Preventive Conservation Plans in the System's Archives were updated.

Specialized fumigations are carried out periodically.

Abdala Productions S.A

Due to the nature of the work, an equal number of special documents were restored as those that were digitized for a total of 500, including tapes, cassettes and vinyl records from José Martí National Library, Ojalá Studios, Radio Habana Cuba and Ché Guevara Study Center.

“Che Guevara” Study Center.

A diagnosis of the fonds and collections is made by a specialist from the Central Archive, and then the intervention and specific curative actions are carried out.

Summary of Restoration Actions

Main collections and restored collections

Title   Amount   Entity 
Cuban cinema 127 titles ICAIC
Personal funds and scores 243 documents with 616 pages MNM
Dulce María Loynaz Collection, La República Cubana newspaper and art and Sala Cubana documents. 30 documents with 986 pages BNCJM
National Library of Cuba José Martí, Ojalá Studios, Radio Habana Cuba and the Center of  Studies Ché Guevara 500, among: tapes, cassettes and vinyl records Producciones ABDALA
Total documents (all media) restored 2,229  


Main preventive conservation actions:

Type Quantity

Revision, preparation and technical report (diagnosis) 16 ICAIC titles, collections of the Centro Ché, the Central Archive and three Provincial Directorates of Culture.
Technical cleaning 3 204 documentary units at the BNCJM, Central Archive and ABDALA Productions S.A.

Replacement of protectors and stitching 1309 BNCJM, 1368 Central Archive, for a total of 2 407.

Biodeterioration Mitigation (Pest Control and Monitoring and Specialized Fumigation) BNJM, MNM and Central Archive Collections.

Preventive Conservation Plan in all the Archives of the System of Culture.

Marketing of Reproductions of Heritage Documents
Cuban Institute of Art and Film Industry (ICAIC).

Income: (Until May 31, 2019)

From an annual service export plan of 890 thousand 000.00 CUC, 717 thousand 700.00 CUC are collected.

From an annual plan of 50 thousand 000.00 CUC for different services in Cuba, 28 thousand 500.00 CUC are collected. 644,489.50 CUC are collected for film screenings and activities associated with cinema.

National Museum of Music.

The income is the result of the sale of the editorial production, with a result in this period of $ 86,0 thousand pesos in books sold.

Abdala Productions S.A

For digitalization services, with a plan set at 16 800.00 cup, at the end of May 42 900.00 have been collected for an overcompliance of 255 %.

The following stand out in the income: Producciones ABDALA, ICAIC and the National Museum of Music.

The entities belonging to the Ministry of Culture that have patrimonial funds will begin to apply the price rates for the collection of archival services as of July of this year.

Investment Process
Cuban Institute of Art and Film Industry (ICAIC).

Execution Plan %
450.00 437.8 97.8%


Among the most important aspects of the investments in the present period are the purchase of digital supports, the completion of Post Production and Archive equipment, sound processing equipment, the creation of an Animation Studio with a cutter for filming services in cinema and TV programs, the purchase of 24 digital projection equipment with a high resolution system and SSD supports for installation in various cinemas throughout the country.

National Council of Cultural Heritage.

The investment of the Ernest Hemingway Museum Restoration Workshop was completed.

Negotiations are underway with the Ministry of Culture for the approval of a budget for the preparation of an investment for the Dance Museum, once it is relocated to the Gran Teatro de La Habana.

National Museum of Music.

The construction work of the National Museum of Music continues. It has been executed to date 114, 064. 08 CUC and 128, 570.00 MN

National Cuban Library “José Martí”.

Construction of the Children's and Youth Room with financing controlled by the MINCULT Investment and Priority Works Centre.

Central Archive.

Six dehumidifiers were purchased and will soon be installed.

The acquisition of equipment requested from CONSUMIMPORT and the connectivity of the Central Archives through the ADSL line is foreseen during the rest of the year.

From a 30.0 MT Plan, 11.0MT have been executed, for a 33%.

Abdala Productions S.A.

Donation of equipment was received by the UNIDO project, which complements the technology needed to provide the service of digitalization and restoration of sound.

Other Investments.

National Museum of Fine Arts.

In Universal Art restoration of the stained glass cover, tower 3, metal structure of the vault and plasterwork of the 5th level, as well as some systems in Cuban Art and Rodriguez Moré, in the latter is also made constructive intervention to adapt premises as a warehouse. Plan: 2000.00 MP, end of first quarter: 157.91 MP.

House of the Americas.

Rehabilitation and restoration of the library and the construction of a 2 level connecting pill in charge of linking the two buildings with the storage tower project. Plan: 509 MP, closing first quarter:209.40 MP

Constructive Maintenance Actions.
Cuban Institute of Art and Film Industry (ICAIC).

Conditioning of three premises adjacent to conservation vaults, destined to the activity of review/restoration of materials with celluloid support.
Work to maintain the stability of temperature and relative humidity parameters in seven vaults for storage and conservation.

National Council of Cultural Heritage.

Ernest Hemingway Museum: 110 000.00, destined to the maintenance of the bungalow-garage of the building.
Dance Museum: 118 000.00. This amount will be used for the realization and assembly of the museography of the new space in the Gran Teatro de La Habana.

National Cuban Library “José Martí”.

Roofs have been waterproofed, already acquired climates installed, dehumidifiers installed; as well as the repair of internal premises and the replacement of traditional lighting with LED lights throughout the building.

Central Archive.

Grids have been installed on sensitive ligatures, as well as the elevation of the perimeter wall of the headquarters. Traditional lighting fixtures have been replaced with LEDs, in line with the requirements for the preservation of documents.

Abdala Productions S.A.

The central climate system was replaced, the lights were replaced with LED technology, the false ceiling was replaced and the acoustic fabric of the studios was changed.

“Che Guevara” Study Center.

It is planned to repair the Archive and to install protective doors, suitable climate and fire alarms.

Funding Received Through International Collaboration.

The National Heritage Council, the Cuban National Library and ABDALA S.A. Productions have received funding for the preservation of historical memory.

The CNPC received the entire financing (1 million USD) from the Finca Vigía Foundation of the United States, for the creation of the Restoration Workshop of the Ernest Hemingway Museum.

The National Library maintains an exchange with the Gainesville University Library in Florida. As a result, part of the equipment for digitizing large format documents has been received.

Producciones ABDALA S.A, through UNIDO by the UNIDO-MINCULT Project received equipment and inputs for the Restoration and Digitization Study.

The rest of the entities of the system are working with the help of the Collaboration Centre of the Ministry of Culture in the identification of donations and exchanges that allow the acquisition of specialized inputs and equipment for the preservation of historical memory.

Actions of methodological advice and control to subordinate entities and in the provinces.
During the semester, the Central Archive carried out 72 methodological and control visits to national subordinate entities and offices of the Ministry; as well as to the Provincial Directorates of Culture of Matanzas, Holguín and Granma. For 100% of the Plan planned.

All with the aim of consolidating the application of the rules for Documentary Management and the updating and compliance with the Plans and actions for preventive conservation.

Training actions

Entity Type of action Number of participants
MNM  2 Preventive conservation courses 5
CNPC  Binding Workshop 2

Course of conservation of documents.

Scientific-Library Event Training to the Provincial and Municipal Library of Mayabeque.

Postgraduate course on mites (Project with the UH).

ISA student advisor.

Central Archive Courses, workshops and training in the workplaces related to: Documentary management as a tool for internal control, approach to photography conservation, standards and procedures manuals, document binding, documentary description, collaboration projects, among others.  380 (of the entire institutional system)
Producciones Abdala S.A. Sound Realizer 2
  Total number of participants 409


Number of users served (national and foreign)

Entity Number of users 
 ICAIC   224 national and 100 foreign
MNM  196 national
BNCJM 6954 national and 124 foreign
Central Archive 28 national and 4 foreign
Abdala 4 national clients
Totals 7 406 nationals and 228 foreigners, for a total of: 7 634 users


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