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What are the workshops available at the Houses of Culture?

The following workshops are offered at the Houses of Cultures:

  • Dance: Spanish Dance, Popular-traditional, Folklor, Ballet, Comparsa.
  • Music: Choral Direction, Soloist, Repentance, Instruments (guitar and piano).
  • Theater for children of titles, acting and oral narration.
  • Plastic Arts: painting, drawing, engraving, ceramics, paper mache, manual activities.
  • Literature: literary genre, poetry, narration and short story.

What are the art schools in Cuba?

  • ISA University of the Arts
  • San Alejandro National School of Plastic Arts
  • Provincial Art Schools

What majors are studied at ISA?

The ISA offers six licenses broken down into more than 40 profiles, both in Day Courses and by Meetings:

  • Bachelor of Music with 27 profiles covering instrumental studies, direction, creation, as well as historical and theoretical music.
  • Bachelor of Dancing Art, in the profiles of Contemporary Dance, Folk Dance, Ballet and Danzology.
  • Bachelor of Theater Art, in the profiles of Theatrology, Dramaturgy, Acting and Scenic Design.
  • Bachelor of Plastic Arts.
  • Bachelor of Conservation and Restoration Arts, in the profiles Museology, Painting, Graphic work and textiles and Sculpture and Furniture.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Audiovisual Media, in the profiles of Production, Direction, Photography, Sound and Editing.

How is the entrance to art schools?

Admission to art schools is given by the following levels:

  • Elementary Level (Music, Dance, Ballet)
  • Medium Level (Plastic Arts, Theater, Circus)

The process of entering artistic education, in the different manifestations, for all the centers in the country begins in September and the exams will be applied from October to May, when the process must end.

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